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My author picture taken at the Castle of the Moors in Portugal

My author picture taken at the Castle of the Moors in Portugal

Cassidy Cornblatt is the author of two young adult fantasy novels, A Broken World and Discordant Tones, as well as two shorter works called Nothing Is Random and Poetry and Photo Travel Guide: Italy. He has lived most of his life in Carroll County, Maryland, yet he has also stood upon the ramparts of the castles of Spain, Portugal, and Belgium in addition to touring Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, and southern Switzerland. He is currently pursuing degrees in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, and English at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was awarded the prestigious Banneker/Key Scholarship.

A Broken World

Trapped in a world of corruption and endless war, the young spellcaster Caleth Rictanson breaks all precedents by befriending the enemy and seeking to right the wrongs of his ancestors. He travels throughout the lands, encountering everything from dragons to fox-like humanoids known as kralthaks, as he tries to find his purpose in life. Caleth must join fellow magic users and swordsmasters as he seeks to avoid a worthless death in a war without cause. Can they save their world from a destruction of their kind’s own making?

Discordant Tones

After growing up in an ever-expanding refugee settlement due to a never-ending war, Trent, Dreth, and Alyssa are tasked with covertly exploring the warring kingdoms to find out new information concerning the conflict. Armed only with magic they use through music and Dreth’s shape-shifting abilities, these companions face powerful threats and uncover deeper secrets than they could ever imagine. Coming of age in a war-torn land is not easy, and they quickly find themselves at the center of the conflict. It is up to them to end the war, but do they have what it takes?

Nothing Is Random

Nothing is random. Everything that has ever happened was guaranteed to happen. Free will is just a necessary illusion. The future has already been determined.

Poetry and Photo Travel Guide: Italy

This collection of original poems and photographs describes many desirable tourist sights in Italy, including Venice, Verona, Florence, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome among others.

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