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Nothing Is Random

July 29, 2013

Recently I have been working on a short, informal, philosophical book entitled Nothing Is Random, which tackles the concepts of randomness, determinism, and free will. The following is the first page and introduction to the general ideas explored in the book.

Nothing is random. Everything that has ever happened was guaranteed to happen. Free will is just a necessary illusion.

My friend introduced me to this idea several months ago, and it is still messing with my mind to this day. At first I was skeptical, like most people. As a science major, randomness seems incredibly important. The basis of evolution is random mutations. How can we understand the world without randomness? Is everything preplanned? Do we even have any control over our own futures? I will delve into these issues later. For now, I have to convince you that I am not completely crazy.

I go on to explain how random seeming events are not in actuality random, starting simple with coin flips and dice rolls and working up to parts of peoples’ lives. For those curious about the explanations, think of life as a series of causes and effects. After laying out my ideas and supporting them with examples, I move on to the implications. This is the part I am currently working on.

What are your thoughts on randomness, determinism, and free will?

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  1. Ted Mosby permalink

    All I will say is you are one crazy mother f***er Cassidy!

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