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Reviews of Discordant Tones

I am very pleasantly surprised by Cassidy Cornblatt’s work in Discordant Tones. A common problem that I have with fantasy and science fiction novels is finding an author that is original, captivating, and truly creative. Discordant Tones is all three. I don’t want to give anything away, but Cornblatt really knows how to pull off a plot twist that I did not predict and from the second I finished the book I have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. Give Discordant Tones a chance. You will not be disappointed.

Loved it!

– Kelsey

A good read,Front-Cover.jpg

This book was a very good read. It kept me interested enough to finish the book within two days of getting it. I have also read the first book the author has written set in this universe, A Broken World, and I would definitely say that Discordant Tones is not just equally good, but better than the one that came before. I am definitely excited for the next book in the series.”

– C. R.

Enjoyable fantasy novel,

In Discordant Tones, the second of his fantasy novels, Cassidy Cornblatt presents a very readable story involving well-developed characters. While I was reading, I found myself part of the group of young men and women on a dangerous mission hoping to make their planet a safer place to live.

One thing that is sure to take me outside of a fantasy novel is magic that works one way one time and another at a different time. If magic is to be a natural process in a story, it should behave in a consistent way just the same as other natural processes, and to his credit Cornblatt has heightened the feeling of realism in his magical world by striving to have the magic operate as consistently as possible.

The plot, while proceeding in a linear fashion, does leave threads, characters and situations left behind, but it later picks them up. An example is some horses that are left in a stable at one point when the action takes the prime characters away in a hurry. Those horses are later brought back into the story by one of the characters who was also left behind.

Cornblatt’s attention to detail in addition to his working out an interesting plot is what makes Discordant Tones such an enjoyable read. I recommend it.”

– F. Magalhaes

“Five Stars,

Very interesting premise. Worth the read!”

– Mary

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