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Reviews of A Broken World


“A planet-friendly tale of fantasy and  magicA Broken World cover

I heard recently of a first novel in the fantasy and magic category, A Broken  World, by Cassidy Cornblatt, and decided to buy it here at Amazon and check it  out. In spite of the flaming cover featuring a sword and a dragon, this is not  the usual blood and thunder, hero fantasy. It is actually a carefully  thought-out tale of a young person in his mid-teens who develops his latent  intellectual — and magical — powers to tackle what he sees as the broken world  he lives in, not a great stretch from what a similar person — probably minus  the magical powers — in our world might find as his challenge. While Cornblatt  does allow his protagonist to wield some powerful spells and there is a certain  amount of carnage throughout the story, the main thrust is to do everything  possible to prevent further damage to all the dwellers on the planet, including  even the plant life. The novel is also gender friendly, including characters of  both genders in roles of sages and masters as well as novices.

To enhance  the mystery of some of the speech in the story, Cornblatt has developed a  language complete with a system of grammar for the characters to speak,  particularly when they are casting spells. Although this device could be  intrusive, it is not. In cases where the story line is born by the magic  language, he smoothly provides an in-line English translation.

Something  that is very important to me in a story in this genre is that the magic be ‘believable.’ By that I mean that the writer must employ the same rules of magic  all the time, much as if they were physical principles, which in this sort of  world they are. In my view Cornblatt has handled the magic very well. He is also  careful not to have every ploy of his protagonist work out to a positive  outcome, another ingredient in making the story believable.

If there is  something a little lacking in A Broken World it would be what I might call  ‘heft’ or ‘substance.’ The story progresses well, but I hungered for more  detail, both in character development and plot, but this is a first novel, and  The Hobbit hardly has the heft of Lord of the Rings. I suspect that A Broken  World is the first in a series of stories, and I look forward to what the author  will do in his following works.”

— F Magalhães

“I have been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction since I was able to  read. Authors the caliber of Tolkien,Assimov and Robert Jordan have the ability  to create another world in a readers mind through the magic in their written  words, Cassidy Cornblatt is on his way. Cassidy created a world, a troubled  world, he filled my imagination with heroes,villains and wonderful characters,  his use of a new strange language,that he created,was well placed and well  thought out. My only complaint was that his story lines were clipped. Cornblatt  would seemingly skip days,perhaps weeks of travel detail,his interaction between  characters seemed to just happen,there was no building of relationships,no long  deep detailed descriptions of feelings or commonalities between characters that,  as a reader, I have come to expect. I enjoyed his characters,but they seemed a  bit shallow,their successes almost too easy and their failures easily overcome.  A Broken World is a good book. It could be great. I will look forward to  removing myself from this world and jumping into Cassidy’s next,new world.”

— Richard Dallam

“I have to admit that I was at first skeptical of reading a fantasy/magic  book,not in my usual comfort zone. The fact was I was truly impressed by the  smooth writing style along with the content and depth of creating the characters  and of an entirely new language. The story progressed smoothly and did not leave  me feeling “i have to finish this” It actually left me wanting more and wishing  book 2 was already available. These are characters that the author can move  forward or backwards with and still keep true to the original story.I wait  patiently to see how the story continues and how a “Broken World” moves into the  future.”

— Lawrence Radinsky

“A magically woven story

Don’t miss out on this new book! Cassidy Cornblatt may be new to the publishing  industry, but I have a feeling he’ll be returning time and time again.

A  Broken World is unique from other fantasy books. There were [not] any parts where I  was thinking, “Wow, this is cliche,” or “This sounds like something I read in  another book.” The story was written with creativity, and you’ll enjoy this –no  matter how old or young you are.

The story follows Caleth as he discovers his  own talents as a spellcaster. While Caleth is only beginning to discover his  full potentials, his world is at war. He’s takes the risk of befriending their  enemy, but once Caleth begins his journey you’ll see he is no ordinary  boy.

As a matter of fact, Caleth is quite unique with the magic he can  perform. There is also a small creature, Quazi, who becomes his “helper.” Quazi  was a great addition to the adventure; he helped Caleth in performing spells and  showed true loyalty.

Another aspect that stood out in A Broken World is the  language Caleth’s people and his enemies spoke. In the back of the book there  are translations and even explanations of verb tenses, which I imagined took  quite some time to develop. Don’t worry, though. Unlike some fantasy books where  a strange, mystical language throws you off at every corner, the language in  this book is spoken so that you can grasp a feeling of the book’s culture and  setting. Important phrases are used throughout the book, so after awhile you  begin to remember key words. Plus there’s even a language for the magical  spells, so bravo to Cassidy on that one!

You’ll find you can love and  relate to the main characters, and each chapter leaves you wondering what will  happen next in this great adventure. Battles, fantasy, action, swords, magic,  love… What’s not to love?

As an aspiring writer, I am very pleased to  say this book has been inspiration for me. As an avid reader, this is a book I  will read time and time again.When I finally reached the end of the book I  was left entirely satisfied, eager to read whatever new adventure Cassidy may  have planned next.

Go ahead, read it. This is a story you’ll never  forget!”

— Sandy

“A young man realizing his potential and  the difficulties of the world in which he lives

A Broken World is admirable as a first effort by this young author. Masquerading  as a young adult fantasy novel, there is much more here than meets the eye. A  Broken World contains all the traditional elements of fantastical creatures,  magic and warring factions, but Mr. Cornblatt has inlaid a Romeo and Juliet-like  allegory to pique our interest in this mysterious society. Two innocents coming  of age are exiled from their respective nations as they begin to realize the  insanity of the enduring war between their peoples and the futility of their  efforts to stop it.

More importantly, Cornblatt raises weighty themes of  endless war, racism, trust, xenophobia, the impermanence of communal memory, the  creation and dissolution of cultural traditions, Gaia theory, and the  splintering of society that ultimately leaves a world weaker and on the brink of  collapse. Most of today’s fiction would not be as daring. But one needs to do  nothing more than examine current events to find these issues weighing down upon  us and, in this case, influencing the consciousness of our younger generations.  These ideas do not get fully fleshed out in this relatively short novel, but  Cornblatt has shown us where he would like to go (hopefully) in his future  works.

As we have seen in other works of this genre, we have a small band  of would-be heroes who are moving beyond the isolation of their home lands and  discovering the greatness and danger that their world contains as they also  discover these same qualities that exist within themselves. The heroes’ journey  is both inward and outward as they begin to connect with the historical  realities of their world. The most intriguing aspect of Cornblatt’s work is the  obviously rich and mysterious past of this land with which he teases the reader.  Most of the inhabitants have certainly forgotten their past forcing them into  contentious and vengeful factions some once powerful now on the verge of  extinction.

I await Mr. Cornblatt’s future attempts and hope that his  skill as a writer flourishes so that his ideas can be given the thorough  treatment that they deserve.”

— J Closic

Barnes & Noble

“”A Broken World” is a thrilling tale that beautifully blends a fantasy world with societal problems that we face today.  Besides presenting excellent points about the wrongs of corruption and misuse of power, the story is full of dynamic characters and plot twists that keep the reader entertained from beginning to end.  Also, “A Broken World” is a fairly quick read, perfect for someone with a busy schedule.  “A Broken World” is a great story for any reader, and one that can be shared and discussed with friends and family.”

— Anonymous

“Great Book!

Book was fast paced and action packed from the beginning. Great character development, creative storyline and a custom language peppered throughout with accompanying dictionary. Hopefully, there will be another installment soon!”

— Izzy76


“A wonderful fantasy story that you’ll want to read again and again.  While Cassidy is a new author, you’ll be blown away by his amazing talents with storytelling!

The story follows Caleth, who is new to the world of spellcasting.  He embarks on a journey to settle a dispute in the world that has been carrying on for centuries.  As he travels, you’ll become familiar with his world –being introduced to magical creatures and learning about responsibilities of a spellcaster as Caleth does.

This is truly a coming of a age story, and it’s a wonderful story for anyone who loves reading!

As a reader, I loved this book; as an author, this will definitely inspire my future work.  I can’t wait to see what Cassidy has in store for us next, but for now don’t miss the chance for the ride of a lifetime!  This story has twists and turns you won’t expect!  A wonderful plot, lovable characters, and what’s not to love when our main character is trying to save the world?”

— Lindsey Sablowski

“This was a very compelling first novel, it was nice to see a new young adult fantasy book lately. I hope the author makes a sequal soon. Recommended to all who enjoy fantasy.”

— Fred Joebino

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