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Calling All Book Reviewers

July 30, 2013

Having recently published my second novel, Discordant Tones, I am now in need of reviewers. I have sent e-mails to a number of book review bloggers, but there is a rather long wait time since they receive review requests quite frequently. For this reason, I now turn to anyone interested. If you would like to receive a free e-book copy in exchange for writing an honest review, either click here or go to the tab at the top of the screen labeled Review Copy Request Form. There is a short and easy form to fill out to indicate interest so that I can get in contact with you in order to send you your free copy.

Front CoverDiscordant Tones is a young adult fantasy of 358 pages in paperback form. This is the synopsis: After growing up in an ever-expanding refugee settlement due to a never-ending war, Trent, Dreth, and Alyssa are tasked with covertly exploring the warring kingdoms to find out new information concerning the conflict. Armed only with magic they use through music and Dreth’s shape-shifting abilities, these companions face powerful threats and uncover deeper secrets than they could ever imagine. Coming of age in a war-torn land is not easy, and they quickly find themselves at the center of the conflict. It is up to them to end the war, but do they have what it takes?

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