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Random Creative Exercise #2

January 18, 2013

Since I finished up my goals for the break, I had some spare time and wrote the following. This is a poem consisting of rhyming couplets of iambic pentameter. Enjoy!

The Mark

     One morning I beheld a scary sight.

While passing through the woods, I saw a light.

Across the glade there was a brilliant spark.

A creature flew from this perturbing mark,

And fast beneath the underbrush it fled.

The fear held me in place like boots of lead.

So quick it went that hardly did I see

The form of that strange creature passing me.

Perhaps my addled brain my wits had dimmed,

But winged I thought it was and many limbed.

Before it disappeared, I heard it shriek.

The sound rose steadily and hit a peak.

The incident this moment reached its end.

     I traveled quickly forth around the bend.

My head was spinning with what I had seen,

And so I noticed not the shining sheen

On which my foot did tread without a thought.

I tumbled hard and my harsh falling wrought

A hole in ice that covered up a creek.

I landed in cold water with a squeak.

I lifted up myself with trembling hand,

And then I saw the creature on the land.

     Now clearly in my sight the creature stood.

I stared in fright and froze as still I could.

The beast was like a long-necked insect bat

Or maybe dragon small and not a rat.

It looked at me with eyes of brightest red,

And briefly I thought that I’d soon be dead.

While I stood still, it slowly came to me.

As it drew closer, I tried not to flee.

Before I knew it, it was at my side.

My jaw was clenched shut as my arm it eyed.

Then smoke escaped its mouth of hue red dark,

And where it touched my skin, it left a mark.

So that is how I strangely got this sign,

And my opinion’s that it’s rather fine.


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