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Getting Back into Novel Writing

May 29, 2012

Now that I am on summer break, I have been attempting to get back into writing my current novel, Discordant Tones. This is proving to be far more difficult than I had imagined. After almost nine months away from it, it is taking a lot of effort to get back into the flow of the writing. So far I have read through the whole thing to bring myself back up to speed, and I took the opportunity to edit as I went. Now I am slowly working on finishing the chapter that I left half finished. A word of advice to anyone who knows they have to leave their writing for a time: never leave off in the middle of a chapter! It is much easier to start again fresh at the beginning of a chapter than it is to pick up the pace in the middle of one. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

Anyway, I have been productive in a different form: article writing for HubPages. This is a web service that pays you to write quality articles. It takes some time to get into things before you are actually paid, but after a while you should be earning money passively, without having to do anything. Even though I haven’t earned anything yet, I am enjoying the experience and the interaction with the community of other writers. If you would like to try writing for HubPages, click here to sign up: HubPages Sign Up. So far I have written twelve articles on varying topics, including Learn How to Write a Novel. I have pasted links to all of these articles in a new page titled “Articles” here at WordPress, so feel free to take a look if you would like.


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