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Poetic Musings

May 22, 2012

It was raining all day today, so I decided to take some time to sit and think on the back porch while I listened to the gentle sounds of water dripping from the leaves of the nearby trees. I used this time to write three poems, which I will discuss.


Single Droplet

Single droplet

A world encased in your watery shell


No bounds hold you and yet you stay

Balanced delicately

Upon the flower petal you rest in tranquil peace

Clearly defined

Your worth is known in quiet contemplation

Resting momentarily

The future waits for you impatiently

Lost in thought

Time grasps no hold on your boundless beauty

Water is commonly used in writing to symbolize life. This is the case here, in which the description of a water droplet also represents the current situation in a person’s life. You’ll notice that I did not use any punctuation because water always seeks to flow if possible. There is a structure to the poem, however, that alternates between short and long lines. This is symbolic of how water wants to hold together in an orderly manner due to cohesive forces.

Wisp of Cloud

Wisp of cloud

Floating in the sky

Intangible, untouchable

White or gray, cannot be sure

Moving ever onwards

No destination, only a pull

Dispersal is inevitable

This was actually inspired by the storm clouds overhead today, but I chose to focus on just one wisp instead of the overall blanketing of the sky. Here too is the symbolism of water since clouds are made of water, but this is never mentioned outright in the poem. I took this poem to represent goals. They are always out of reach but pull us and guide our paths. Eventually, like the cloud, they will disperse, though into obscurity or a new goal is never a certainty. I purposely made all the lines in this poem relatively short to mimic the small wisp of cloud. There is no punctuation at the end of the lines because a cloud never stops moving.


Fallen Petals

Fallen petals



Dumped unceremoniously

Chaotic heap


Shriveling away

No revival

Only death.

This poem represents life past its prime. It is no longer wanted and wastes away until the end. The second line brings up the color yellow. Colors are often used in writing to symbolize a vast number of things. Typically yellow would indicate happiness and energy, such as when used with the sun or a bright morning. In this case, however, it is meant to indicate the degradation of life. It used to be colorful but is now yellow, soon to be brown. This is more of a reference to a stoplight, where yellow is past the carefree go of green and almost to the abrupt stop of red. I chose to end this poem with a period after the word “death” to demonstrate the finality of the concept. The flower petals will never return to their previous lively state, and therefore there is no continuation after the end of the poem. There is no going back or forwards once the period is encountered. It anchors the ending in time.


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