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Songwriting vs. Fiction Writing

May 19, 2012

I recently made a music video with some friends at college, and I thought I would share the experience here. It took about two weeks from idea to completed product. Writing the lyrics and composing the music took the majority of the time, and then the remainder was spent filming, recording the voices, and editing the video.

Music Video

Writing lyrics is very different from writing fiction, though there are some similarities. Both involve telling a story, though much more prominently in fiction. The story often takes a back seat in songwriting, but it is important most times to create a cohesive piece that makes sense at least in its most basic sense. Another common aspect is emotion. In fiction, emotion serves to bond readers with the characters and create an investment in the story. This is also true with songs, where it is often the most important aspect. Songs must both create an emotion and share it with listeners.

The goal of fiction is to be engaging and to give the reader something to think about. Songs, on the other hand, are meant to be catchy and somewhat repetitive. This creates quite a difference in terms of structure and content.


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  1. I’ve tried both, and fiction definitely comes easier to me. It is kind of fun to play around with the challenge of creating a three-minute (or however long) story though. 🙂

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