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Added Value (and eBook release)

December 30, 2011

Today both eBook versions of my novel A Broken World were released.

Kindle Edition:

NOOK Book:

They cost only $4.95, so please take a look, especially if you are a fan of young adult fantasy.

This last semester of college I took a seminar called “Design and the Creative Process.” One of the most important concepts I learned in this class was that added value is the main thing that makes good design into great design. This pertains to nearly everything in life, from store layouts to garbage cans and everything in between. There are vast quantities of products made all over the world that are almost identical, and the only way for consumers to choose which they prefer is to look at the added value. It is not good enough for a product to simply function; it must do more. This is definitely true in regards to writing, especially writing fantasy. There are many, many books out there with nearly the same plotline and general ideas, such as the good versus evil theme that permeates most of the genre. In order to distinguish one such book from another with a very similar plot or theme, the reader has to look for the added value. There are too many of these books available for anyone to possibly have the time to read them all, so in order to choose one over another, the reader must look at what else these books offer.

In A Broken World, the main way I added value was through the language I developed to use in conjunction with the magical aspects of the story. This creates an exotic atmosphere and allows readers to delve into the depths of the magic and history of the world if they so choose; if not, it does not hinder the overall read in any way. Another source of added value is the variety of themes. Along with the main quest and coming of age story, the book also encourages respect towards both other people and the environment. This provides another dimension for readers to explore and offers a glimpse into the values that the characters find important.

In Discordant Tones, the added value is primarily the musical aspect I am utilizing throughout the story. As I write, I am creating songs to include as both major and minor parts of the book. I am sure that as I continue to work on this novel, I will develop a variety of new ways to add value as I go.

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  1. amazing post , i like your site design.keep posting

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