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Thinking vs. Writing

December 28, 2011

When it comes to writing, there are a variety of different approaches one might take. Personally, I spend the majority of my time thinking about writing and very little actually writing down what I have thought. It’s not that I don’t want to write more; it’s that whenever I decide to start writing I get caught up in thinking about what I want to write. I find this to be a good thing most of the time because it allows me to develop a good grasp on what I plan to say, and although it may take me a lot longer to write anything substantial, I don’t need to spend nearly as much time later on editing. I have heard of people who are writing machines, capable of cranking out vast quantities of pages every day, but then when they are done they have to go back and chop off large portions of their stories and completely reformulate plotlines. I’m not saying this is a bad way to do things, but it is another option that likely takes the same amount of time in the long run despite the large initial output.

In my opinion, it is always beneficial to plan ahead. It is good to know offhand how each character thinks and acts when presented with a variety of situations or circumstances. It is also good to know at least the general area in which the plot is taking place. This does not have to be completely fleshed out since there are always insignificant portions of any map, but it is important to have an overall idea of what is out there that the characters might end up interacting with. In this way, the author will always be prepared if the plot happens to change course or if there is an unexpected occurrence, such as in my previous blog post.

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