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December 23, 2011

I have decided to start a blog wherein I will share my writing experiences and tips. For those of you who do not know, my name is Cassidy Cornblatt, and I am the author of the recently published (November 22, 2011) fantasy novel A Broken World. This is a book about a coming of age amidst the strife of an endless war, a tale encouraging social respect and environmental responsibility, and a story of the blossoming of young love. It is available on and should soon be sold through Barnes & Noble as well. (

Now to recent events, I returned home from the University of Maryland, College Park on Wednesday and have since been slowly easing back into writing while attempting to continue my promotional activities with my book. Today (or I suppose yesterday since it is now past 12 AM) I took a copy to my local library, which will hopefully accept it into its system. Anyone who would like to get the book from a library should ask their library to purchase a copy. This can be done in person or likely online.

I also decided to make business cards today. It took me several trial runs, but I eventually settled on a look I liked.

Business Card Author Cropped   Business Card Author Foldable Cropped

As you can see, the business card can be folded at the binding to make a miniature book with the cover on the front and my personal information on the back!


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